theeasiestwaytoinstallwordpress The Easiest Way to Install WordPressMT VPS does not have one-click install, Dreamhost has it. Bluehost and HostPapa offers Fantastico and cPanel. But unfortunately….

Not all webhosting are created equal. Not all has Fantastico, not all has one-click installers and most importantly not all bloggers are techie enough to be able to install WordPress manually. For bloggers without much technical knowledge and who are starting to use WordPress as their blogging platform this could be a very problematic and a time consuming task. If you happen to be in this situation, don’t be upset. WordPress has become so easy to install nowadays even without Fantastico or one-click installers.

A better way to install WordPress…

Enter, EasyWP Install. It is a PHP script that you can upload to your server and access it by entering the web address That’s it. The script will automatically do the task of installing WordPress for you. No hassles at all. Once the installer is done, all you will see is the WordPress blog setup.

The script is free and licensed under the GPL.