I have come across this issue for quite sometime now and finally I was able to fix the missed schedule problem of wordpress 2.7.

As I have stated previously, this blog now is hosted under (mt) media temple. And on that same time was the first public release of wordpress 2.7.  So I went on and decided to have a fresh new installation of wordpress on my hosting. Everything seems to be ok until I bump to this issue that has been bugging me for several days.

Whats the fix?

For Media Temple users on a DV account (need to login as a root)

  1. Download and have a back-up first of the host file located in the folder /etc.
  2. Edit the host file via a text editor. Notepad will do. You will find an IP address. In my case, it was pointing to
  3. Change the IP address to your own domain’s public IP address.
  4. Upload the edited host file.
  5. Restart the server via Virtuozzo.

After completing the above step, you should be able to schedule a post now without any missed schedule error.