This s a very good hack on your RSS if you want to exclude your PPP/Smorty/Payu2blog categories showing in your feeds. I have tried a couple of plugins before and none of them work and what makes this hack a good one is, you don’t have to modify any of your wordpress files. This can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Exclude a Category in your Feed:

  1. Determine first the category that you don’t want to appear in your RSS. Check it under Manage Tabs > Category and look for the ID number.
  2. Once done. Login to your feedburner account and edit your feed settings under Original Feed (I bet this is also true to other feed manager subscriptions like feedblitz). Your typical feed URL looks like this
  3. Replace the Feed URL with this one: where x is the category that you want to exclude. Just change to your website. That’s it! You’re done.
  4. If you want to exclude multiple categories then you just need to add ‘,-x‘ after the feed URL. Like this one,-x

Thanks to Pay and Nicole for sharing this.