I just got an interesting email from kit and he’s asking about Affiliate Junktion. Here’s my answer Kit!

Hello kit!

Thanks for your email. I did check on the site and seems to be legitimate. Here’s what I find out.

The System:

You’ll have your to register own domain and web hosting to start your website and start making money through affiliate marketing. But the thing about that for new comers is, once they have their website up they don’t know where to start. And from that situation is where Affiliate Junktion comes in. You need to register under their name “Affiliate Junktion” and they will be sending you out information on how you can make money online, such as recommending to buy an e-book and so on and so forth. Of course, once you have learned to set-up your site, you will then post or blog what affiliate junktion is all about. And that process continues as long as they have a new subscriber. Just like the traditional MLM and networking. You have to let others know on your website about affiliate junktion program and sign-up under your name as well, and that I believe is how they will pay you.


I have nothing against affiliate marketing. For me it is actually one of the best source of passive income nowadays if you have done it perfectly. Affiliate Junktion is just exercising it’s right to come up of better and alternative way of making money online on their part. However, there are just a few questions that needs to be clarified. The domain Affiliatejunktion.com is hosted under bluehost.com, If they are pushing ipower.com as a very good webhost then why not host it under ipower.com too? The step by step instruction on their video is how affiliate junktion will get their own piece of the pie. They will be using Ipower.com’s affiliate program and here is what they have:

Increase Your Web Site Income by Promoting IPOWER

  • Receive $100.00 per referral for every new hosting customer you refer.
  • We provide pre-made ads, banners and links. You put them on your Web site or include them in your e-mails. It’s that easy.

So there goes the $75 dollar that they have promised on the onset. In return they get $25 for every new subscription. You can check the referral program of Ipower here.

Worst case scenario

None, I think. If you will not earn from the program itself then what you just got is a decent webhosting package from ipower.com to house your domain. I can’t think of anything else aside from that.

All in all. It’s a good start for newbies, sort of,  as they lay all the steps for you to start making money online. But, you too can also make your own website and start your own affiliate program without having to spend that amount of money. A lot of bloggers out there have some post on how you can start your own site with no strings attached. One example is a post from my good friend dona. It’s about “WordPress for dummies: Start your own blog now”. Just check on her site and you’ll learn the basics of setting up your own website and a couple of ways on how to make money online.

If there is anyone out there who has some insights about affiliate junktion or if the one I posted is completely unacceptable, feel free to leave a comment.