My Web Search also known as the My Way Speedbar is the Internet Explorer toolbar part of the Fun Web Products suite of utilities such as:

  • Smiley Central
  • Cursor Mania
  • My Mail Stationary
  • My Mail Signature
  • PopSwatter
  • Popular Screensavers
  • Webfetti
  • My Way Website Portal

Although none of these products claim to be spyware, they do slow your computer down. All of the products use cookies to track usage, although they claim not to use cookies or anything else to track personally identifiable information. That being said, I would still recommend uninstalling the toolbar and other Fun Web Products. They are found by most spyware removal tools such as Spybot Search and Destroy & Lavasoft Ad-Aware other says that it is spyware free.

To Remove or Uninstall:

Go to Add/Remove programs, Look for MyWebSearch on the list and hit remove. Restart PC.