There were times that you need to download a trial or demo software to try it’s functionality and effectiveness overall. This is most common to some anti-virus and security softwares, right? But the thing about this is once you are hooked and already satisfied with the application, you’re now tempted to look for evil ways to have the software unlocked, you know what I mean by this. Anyway, I can say that it is actually the simplest way to do it but you just have to be aware of the consequence it may take.

Aside from not buying a legit software, you’re also putting your PC in extreme danger. Why? Because these websites that caters unlocking software patches do sometimes or should I say always contain viruses, spywares and malwares. You don’t wanna harm your computer right? Me too. That’s why I researched for some ways of making the software run once again with full functionality without sacrificing my computers performance. Here’s how you can do it too.

The magic keyword here is APPLICATION DATA.

If the demo software or trial software comes to an end, just uninstall it and restart your computer. Once you have successfully restarted your computer, do a right-click on your start button and click on explore. Go to your Local Disk (C:) and look for Documents and Settings. Under this folder you may find numerous profiles that your computer uses. In my case I only have one admin profile in which I normally store all my softwares. Select the profile you commonly use. After opening the profile folder you should already have the Application Data folder. If in any case it’s not showing, don’t panic. Click on Tools on top of your windows explorer and choose folder options. Go to view tab and on the list and look for Show Hidden Files and Folder, checked it and hit Ok.

You should now have the application data folder. Inside this folder contains all the softwares that you have installed on your computer, including the demos and trials. This is the hardest part. Pay attention, look for the software you want to use again. Highlight it and hit the delete button.

icon smile How To: Re Use Expired Trial Demo Softwares or Applications

That’s it! hehe you’re now ready again to install the program and re-use it with all the support and functionality. That’s all folks. Try this at your own risk. But this is indeed one of the safest and easiest way to run that software again.