This is yet the most effective way EVER to double your bandwidth instantly.

But, before I go to that…. Let me share you some of my personal experience with my previous internet connections. Hope you find this interesting. *wink *wink

My First ISP and My DSL

About 1 and a half years ago, My very first connection was Smart BRO. It was during time that this wireless connection is in it’s experimental stage, I supposed. The bandwidth that they’d offer me before was 256 kbps which is fair enough for a starting internet cafe business. DSL is not yet available at that time, so it leaves me with no other choice.

At first, it was doing good until such time that bad weathers and little rain showers made a bad impact to it’s line of sight. It was needed to have a well established connection from the control tower. So just to make that story short, I discontinued the service after Digitel (our local phone and internet provider) made an enticing offer.

It was a switching plan package that consist of both land line and a 512 kbps internet bandwidth.

I got what I want, a prepaid phone with no MSF and a faster broadband connection BUT the good things didn’t last long coz every now and then I often get a faulty modem, a cut telephone line and slow connection issues. So there you go with the usual pattern of calling technical support, asking for sup (supervisor) and talking about the shitty internet connection and rebates. And guess what? 1 year had passed and my rebates still isn’t showing. What a great customer service experience that I had with these guys. By this time I think you already have an idea on what am I talking about…hmmm *wink

Now, How to double your Bandwidth nga ?

There’s no really trick or special tweak that you need here, sorry to disappoint you guys. But what I want to point out is how you can actually take advantage of this service competitions.

Just this morning, Globe Broadband came to our house offering their DSL service. I knew for a fact then that they were building their infrastructure already in our town but I didn’t expect it to be this fast.

The Offer? The installation and service charge are lifted. My current connection of 512 Kbps (I usually get 400-420kbps) will then be tripled to at least 1.5 Mbps for the same price but limited to internet-only connection, considering the price and speed isn’t that great enough? How is that for their switching offer? (too bad, that this package isn’t available anymore).

The second one is not bad either as it has a landline and a 1 Mbps bandwidth. So before the special promo expires and the slots become unavailable, I promptly said YES and filled that application form right away. Next week, will be the baptism of fire. Yebah!

With Smart BRO still on it’s early stages and Digitel’s line is beginning to deteriorate, I bet that Globe will have a much better connection and efficient customer service because of the relatively new lines installed in our area.