Have you heard of it already?

I never thought that Firefox can be such a highly customizable browser with regard to viewing web pages. Taken from Mozilla itself, Greasemonkey scripts allows you to customize the way a web page displays using small bits of JavaScript. There were a lot of scripts available in http://userscripts.org that applies to hundreds of website.

gmailwithreader Greasemonkey and UserscriptsMy favorite script is the Gmail + Google Reader integration. What it does is, it inserts a drop down menu for your Google reader. So it’s like opening to application in one. No need to have a separate tab for Google reader. Also the script Gmail beautifier is a must if you frequently lobby on your Gmail account. It removes the adsense ads on the right bar and drastically improved the way the buttons look like.

How to install scripts to your firefox?

  1. First, download the Greasemonkey script.
  2. Once done, head over to http://userscripts.org for vast selection of scripts for different websites.

BTW this post was made using my Linux Mint OS.