You probably encountered this already. This error showed up on my PC after installing Need for Speed Undercover. This will be my next game since I’m done cheating GTA Chinatown Wars hehe. Basically I don’t know what happened on my installation, I just uninstalled the application and re-run it again but unfortunately it always give me this freakin error. Some suggestions said that I might have a corrupt registry and a registry cleaner can do it for me. Boo!

fixmissingd3dx9 34dllnotfounderror1 Fix Missing d3dx9 34.dll Not Found Error

What does d3dx9_34.dll mean?

D3dx9_34.dll errors typically appear when a software program, usually a game, is started. Occasionally, d3dx9_34.dll errors will display after a game is loaded but right before the game starts. In non-game applications, a d3dx9_34.dll error might appear before the program starts or before certain advanced graphics features of the program are used.

Some of the more common d3dx9_34.dll error messages are listed below:

  • "D3DX9_34.DLL Not Found"
  • "File d3dx9_34.dll not found"
  • "The file d3dx9_34.dll is missing"
  • "D3DX9_34.DLL is missing. Replace D3DX9_34.DLL and try again."
  • "D3dx9_34.dll not found. Reinstalling might help fix this."
  • "This application has failed to start because d3dx9_34.dll could not be found!"

So there you go, this error would normally show up if you will be running a game and this might have a relationship with a problematic Microsoft Directx 9 drivers. The fix? Just download d3dx9_34.dll from and put it on the exact folder where your application was installed. In my case I put it in C:\Program Files\EA Games\Need for Speed Undercover. You can also get that file by clicking on the direct link at the bottom.

Download d3dx9_34.dll here.