This blog first experienced a major downtime last October 6, 2007 when my post about the fight between Pacquiao and Barrera II consistently hits the first page of the search engines. It even resulted to a 3 day suspension of my account. At that time, I was completely clueless and I really don’t know what my next steps should be. But thanks to, the community behind it make several suggestions on how to deal with it. Thanks a lot!

This time, I wasn’t expecting too much traffic anymore since I made the post about Pacquiao and Marquez II just 10 days before the fight and I didn’t make any optimization at all fearing that the same incident might happen. The traffic went steadily for at least 800-900 page views a day until March 15, 2007. But on the D-day itself, the traffic went berserk. I noticed that the page is loading very very sloooow that I have to act quickly to salvage this blog. I was so fortunate that I was able to learn the re-direction method using .htaccess courtesy of (Jonathan from and make a blogger site dedicated only for the Pacquiao-Marquez fight. And the rest was money, I mean history.

pacquiaotraffic Head to Blogger for a Sudden Surge of Traffic

This screenshot was taken from, this was the blogger site that I created. As you can see, the traffic on that site was just about 469 page loads before the fight night. Who would have excpect that it will shoot to 17K + in just a couple of hours?

How did I make the redirection? It’s easy. Adding a single line in your .htaccess file. See the screen shot below.

redirectmatch Head to Blogger for a Sudden Surge of Traffic

I learned this trick when apparently my sister website, suffered the same fate when the results for Nursing Board Exam last December 2007 was released. I made a post on this site about the results, reloaded the default wordpress theme and removed some plugins to decrease server load and accommodate the traffic that it will get from the redirection command of And luckily, everything works just fine.

All in all. Blogger did save my day, my site, my host and most importantly I earned money from adsense. cheers icon wink Head to Blogger for a Sudden Surge of Traffic