ejunkie logo2 How to Sell Digital Products Online for FREE? For most bloggers, adsense is the way to go to earn in the internet. To other’s it’s affiliate marketing. For some, it’s doing business like selling downloadable and tangible products online. What ever you call it, it boils down to Making Money Online.

Today I’m here to share my experience on how was I able to effectively sell a digital product not through e-bay or clickbank but through e-junkie. Here’s my E-junkie experience.

What is E-Junkie?

E-junkie is like your own warehouse online. You put up the goods in E-junkie and they manage the inventory, tracking and delivery. It is an all-in-one solution for people who are looking to sell products weather digital or tangible. E-junkie is your companion to help you automate all this time consuming process for only $5 a month. That’s not much if you will consider the magnitude of your market. Internet is a global marketplace and paying $5 a month to help you ease your burden selling online is close to nothing. But I said it’s free right? Yes you can still use E-junkie for free and try their services without paying anything for almost 2 months! How’s that for a start?

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