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Bad Day for My Brute, Cheats needed

derixcmybrute thumb Bad Day for My Brute, Cheats needed

Three new fights, 2 lost! And not just that, I have seen these X marks on the side and I don’t still know where did they come from.

What the hell is going on? It seems that somebody is spamming newly created my brutes to gain experience. I need cheats! Jehz help!

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Join Me in My Brute

mybrute thumb Join Me in My BruteI just joined My Brute today courtesy of Ptaks. I saw the link in my gmail and joined the game. It was fun and entertaining to play even if you can’t control your player.

My Brute is like a streetfighter game and playing it is simple, you choose an opponent and watch the fight live. That’s it. Over time you will gain experience, skills and weaponry.

On my first 10 minutes, I reached level 2. Gained 6 experience points. Won 3 fights and lost 2. That’s all for now! I’ll try to check what other thing does My Brute offer and I’ll keep you posted here.

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