Just recently, I was facing a very slow response from my sites and even if I have wp-super cache installed, I feel that my sites are still crawling. Luckily, I stumbled a very good caching plugin that works extremely well with two other caching plugin.

Enter Hyper Cache.

Hyper Cache works like very much the same with wp-super cache except that it doesn’t mess up with your .htaccess. It also provides you real time statistics about the page being cached and the one being missed. So I decided to remove wp-super cache and have Hyper cache installed.

DB Cache Reloaded

As the name of the plugin says, It caches database queries. If this is combined with hyper cache you will notice the difference in page load times right away. (I used Yslow for firefox)

WP Minify

If you have a lot of javascripts and other CSS files on your blog then this plugin us a must. What it does is it combine all javascript and CSS and compressed them to improve page loading times.

Use all these three wordpress plugins on your shared hosting and see if it will make your wordpress blog much faster. You can check my diet blog and see how fast it loads.