watchnbagamesoflalakersandhoustonrocketsonlineforfreeviasopcast3 Watch NBA Game 7 of LA Lakers and Houston Rockets Online Houston Rockets kept their poise and gently cruise their way to win game 6 of their best of 7 series western conference semifinals against LA Lakers. Kobe Bryant entered the fourth quarter at seven minute mark and I don’t know why Phil Jackson made Kobe seat on their bench that long. The Rockets capitalized on Bryant’s absence and boosted their lead to double digits entering the final six minutes of the game. Brooks, Landry and Scola took over in the last quarter to propel rockets to victory.

Playing without Yao, Rockets showed that they can win ballgames playing with all their hearts. The final score, 95-80. Game 7 will be on Sunday @ LA Lakers. 

Game #7 (series tied 3-3) – Western Conference Semi Finals :: NBA Playoffs 2008/2009

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