watchnbafinalslalakersandorlandomagicliveviasopcast1 Watch NBA Finals LA Lakers and Orlando Magic Live via Sopcast After 6 games, we have two of the best NBA teams who will fight it all out for the Larry O’ Brien trophy.

LA Lakers trump Denver Nuggets in their home court and Dwight Howard led Orlando Magic stopped Lebron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers. No more Kobe-Lebron showdown.

All the while we thought that Lebron is unbeatable and unstoppable but Howard proves us wrong and it looks like they can beat LA Lakers too. Why? Well let’s just say that the Magic swept the Lakers in the regular season plus they will have a match up problems like what happened to Cleveland Cavaliers. If you gonna weigh this things out, we already have an NBA champion.

So what’s the best thing to do for spectators? Let’s just watch and see!

Game #1 – NBA Finals

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