watchanddownloadpacquiaovshattoninhighdefinitionhd1 Watch and Download Pacquiao VS. Hatton in High Definition (HD) I’m pretty sure that there will be tons of Pirated CD’s and DVD’s once again in Quiapo, Manila and nearby cities that will replicate the Battle of East and West: Pacquiao VS. Hatton. Please don’t buy pirated CD’s and DVD’s and to our OMB and police officials, do everything in your power to control this expanding problem about piracy. Every time it happens, the cycle goes on and on again. Police chasing syndicates, raids in various part of Metro, crushing and burning of pirated CD and DVD and so on and so forth. Such a tiring and time consuming play to see isn’t?

Now going back, can we watch Pacquiao VS. Hatton replay online? can we download it?

The answer will be no. Because it is illegal. But if you’re resourceful enough, there will be plenty of websites out there that will probably upload their own copy. And who knows I might link those sites here. j/k.