mclaren Shame to Mclarens F1

I started watching Formula 1 way back 1998 when Michael Schumacher is still struggling to win a title for Ferrari, Mclaren-Mercedes is one of their fierce rivai that went on and won two consecutive driver’s title for Mika Hakkinen and a lone constructor’s title. No questions about it, Mclaren-Mercedes is really a though nut to crack then. It was disappointing for me since I am cheering for Michael and Ferrari.

After two years of F1 domination and Mika is out of the picture (retired), and Ferrari made history by winning 5 consecutive driver’s title and 6 consecutive constructor’s title respectively. Now that is what you call a complete DOMINATION, it was their hard work and continued research that made them a true champion.

During those time, Mclaren tried it’s very best to be competitive to keep up the pace with Ferrari, but no matter how hard they try, they couldn’t find lady luck on their side. It’s either they would end up number 2 or number 3 on the constructor’s championship.

After Michael left Ferrari last year, F1 has a new generation of young drivers. The start of the 2007 season was very exciting since the battle once again for Ferrari and Mclaren was renewed. Fernando Alonso, the current F1 driver’s champion is teamed-up with sensational rookie Lewis Hamilton while Ferrari has the ever-improving Felipe Massa and the “Flying Finn” Kimi Raikkonen. I knew that this is going to be a war on the race track once again as those four drivers will try to outshine each other and fill the post of the next great driver.

Mclaren showed it’s poise now and Ferrari was left behind struggling to keep up the pace. After 13 races, Ferrari can’t find an antidote to both Mclaren’s driver’s and their car.

And then the unexpected happen, a leak from Ferrari’s proprietary technical documentation was reportedly being used by Mclaren to make necessary adjustment’s on their car’s performance. Cheating, in it’s simplest form. It was handed by a former Ferrari technical team to Mclaren. The main reason probably why they are now leading both driver’s and constructor’s championship.

My Take

Cheaters never win. If it was intentionally handed to Mclaren, then I believe that they should have shown an effort to return it back to Ferrari and not to take it against them, as they have a very good name and reputation in the motor sports. Now that Mclaren has been stripped off from the constructor’s championship, I wouldn’t care much if their driver’s will win the championship now. From my own point of view, Mclaren’s technical team is hopeless since Hakkinen left and can’t come up anymore of a competitive car. They have done a good job of having the two time world champion and the rookie sensation on their team but who knows if it’s their talent that keeps them from winning? I guess Mclaren’s top executives should vacate their post to regain the trust and confidence of the people who believes in them. Again, shame to Mclaren. Go Go Go Ferrari!