utube Tube Wars: Utube versus YoutubeUtube.com? Have you heard of that website? You might be thinking that it is the video sharing website wherein you can “broadcast yourself“. But nope, it is not. Utube.com basically is a company, which sells used machinery for making tubes to clients worldwide which is owned by Universal Tube and Rollerform Equipment Corporation. The domain Utube.com was then first registered way back 1996.

So what’s the big deal about Utube and Youtube?

Well basically, I’ve been curious about this when a fellow blogger Marhgil talked about this Utube keyword. I decided to make a little investigation about this and here is what I found out.

youtube Tube Wars: Utube versus Youtube
Utube.com sued Youtube.com – the video sharing site, and complained that the site was being downed by heavy traffic as users looking for YouTube landed on their site instead, presumably by typing the wrong domain name. According to Mashable.com the traffic on that Utube.com‘s website went from 1,500 to over 2 million per month and they claimed that they were loosing huge money for their business. But as the case went along, they have decided to move their business site to utubeonline.com and decided to monetize utube.com by selling ringtones. Reports said that they are now earning $1,000 a day. Wow!

If Utube.com happens to be mine, I will thank Youtube.com for sending me a free traffic. The $1,000 a day is just to hard to pass up and with that sum of money, I can say bye-bye to my job right away. hehe.

And what the heck is Yutube and Yotube? Forget about it, it was just a landing page for advertisement hoping that they can get a share of the traffic that utube.com is getting. So if you happen to misspelled your favorite video sharing site by typing in YUTUBE.COM or YOTUBE.COM, don’t click on anything on their site but instead check your spelling and type it as YOUTUBE.COM