2008 is just starting and from what I see this is indeed turning out to be a very good year. Here are some of the reasons why. Let me start first with a small background about this blog. This blog was born last June 2007 with a vision of making money online by sharing some tips of making money off line which is doing some legitimate business. But I guess I fell short in that vision as I tend to post more on my personal hobbies and some crap. Be the Boss will be and would always be my personal goal and I vow to continue to share some of my experiences through it but in a lesser frequency. I guess it will be more effective as soon as I quit my day night job.

So why is it nga turning to be a very good year. Ok here it is, first I am beginning to see the potential of having a website. In the past 6 months of existence in the blog-o-sphere and being a total newbie to blogging and web development, I can say that I have gained sufficient knowledge on how to make money online.

About Money

  • My first successful advertisement came from money4blogs.com. It was paid by cheap car insurance and you can see it in my sidebar. Thanks a lot.
  • I have a pending review from a direct advertiser, I will not disclose how much would it be as the transaction is not yet finalized. But rest assured, I’ll give you all the details here soon. That’s a promise.
  • Google adsense is proving to be the main money maker of my blogs surpassing my first google adsense payment. Marhgil has a post on how to earn $1 adsense a day. Use it for your reference.
  • Smorty, Payperpost and Payu2blog are committed to give bloggers a good alternative or should I say another opportunity to earn online. You will be paid through successful reviews you make. In fact it is main source of income to most start-up bloggers. Maki can share you some tips on how to make your first successful review.
  • Kontera is also there. I am 65% through before I can get the minimum payment since starting it in October 2007. I think it will be more efficient if you already have tons of traffic to your blog.
  • Widgetbucks and Bidvertiser are also pulling some money. Thanks again to Marghil for sharing to have an alternative ads for “pinay scandal” traffic.  The feed ads from Bidvertiser is also a good addition as well as FAN or Feedburner Ad Network.

Next on my new venture will be affiliate marketing. Again, I don’t know anything about it but I’m willing to take some risk in order to give out some info for the benefit of some that are new to blogging.

So there you go, the figures may not be that big as compare to John Chow or Shoemoney but if you will take a look at it in a wider view, you will see all the lucrative aspect of merely having a blog.