If you’re a blogger and a fan/avid reader of Mr. John Chow you know what will happen if Mr. Chow reviewed your site, right? Traffic, yep a huge amount of traffic for your blog and a possibility of earning more if you’re monetizing your site. Cool isn’t?

For me, I have my own local version of the “John Chow effect”. I named it as “The Manny Pacquiao Effect” This may not be as good as Mr. Chow’s review, but the data generated shows encouraging results. Just take a look at this:

The Manny Pacquiao Effect

Feed Subscribers – from zero to hero. I started September with a lone feed, but to date my feed chicklet reads 477 readers. See? from 1 to 477 readers in 36 days. I wonder what will be the count for tomorrow coz my stats shows that I still have several clicks on my feeds. He he he

Traffic – for the first two months, this site is only averaging 400 unique visitors and 500 page views. But going towards the latter part of September up to first week of October, the numbers went as high as 2,500 unique visitors and 4,000 page views. Isn’t that amazing? and take note, we’re just on the first week of October.

 The Manny Pacquiao Effect

Back Links – The buzz generated by the post “Watch Manny Pacquiao VS. Barrera LIVE! for FREE?” resulted a number of links from forums and personal sites. So I wonder what will be it’s effect on page ranking. I don’t have any idea yet.

Monetization – from the feeds and traffic stats, maybe you have an idea how much it went up. icon wink The Manny Pacquiao Effect

And the most important of all, FRIENDS I gain a lot of online buddy. Having a huge fellowship always makes you a winner, friends will always be there no matter what the situation is.

To Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, I hope you win tomorrow. Make us Filipinos proud once again! Mabuhay ka Manny!