Finally I have now my Ubuntu disc 7.1, I got the info from Eli that you can receive a free ubuntu disc aside from waiting for the entire file to be downloaded. Yehey! It’s about time to try something new. Although linux was introduce to me before, I did not pay much attention to it because of the limited resources and support that I can get. Today, since internet is almost instantly available everywhere, researching wouldn’t be a problem at all.

My fascination with linux begins with the introduction of open source softwares this past few years. As a regular internet user, I tend to look for something FREE online weather it would be a game, application or software. And as you can see and if you’re a regular visitor of the site, most of the post that I have on here has a title tag of FREE. Why? It’s simply because of you– yes you. You would like to have something for free always right? An operating System which can be much better than windows is now on the rise and is available for FREE, so why pay Microsoft for their OS’s license?

A Couple of Reason to use Ubuntu, Linux

Google introduces their gOS which runs under linux. Since I am an online partner of google and an avid user of their software like picasa, google earth, google docs etc., I’ll definitely love to have the uber amazing gOS. You’ll be delighted how beautiful it is running in your desktop. Firefox is an open source browser in which I really love the most. Ares, a P2P software for downloading mp3′s videos and documents is also an open source application. And the most important thing of all, everyday there are thousands and thousands of contributor that are participating in the open source application development, particularly linux. Unlike with Microsoft, you have to pay for their technical assistance. So with all these, you can expect the support every time without any strings attached.

This day officially marks my hardcore dedication of learning Ubuntu.