Hello Everybody!Link xChange anyone?

In my utmost goal of reaching out to my fellow bloggers and to help them bring traffic and promote their site, YuwonCedric.com is pleased to announce it’s participation to the review my blog campaign. hooorrray!

What to Review?

Anything. Cover what ever topic or post you would like to be discussed on your site. I wouldn’t care much if you will approach it on a negative manner as long as you stress out the key points that could be vital in our websites improvement. On the positive note, I will greatly appreciate it. Just link at least three(3) of my post to your review and a fave my site in technorati and you’re all set.

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What you will get?

As of this writing, I already have 99 feed subscribers 112 subscribers and most of them are via e-mail. So what am I trying to say? Simple, your site and newest entry will be directly e-mailed together with my three (3) upcoming post that I am about to publish. That is already a possible 112 hits per post to your site excluding traffics that I get from referring sites and search engines. yeah baby!

I intend to work hard and devote my time to find ways of increasing my sites traffic, so you really are in good hands.

In return you will get your site’s link at the bottom of my upcoming publication. Let’s just say at the bottom part of my post, it will contain tags like this ” Interesting Stories “, ” Some Cool post in my Neighborhood”, ” A must read article “ and so on and so forth. If you have anything in mind that you feel catchy, just bump me up and I will have it appended. Second, you will be included in my blogroll {in which I believe is a permanent link) and Third a free link back to my upcoming website (a site for student nurses) that is due to be released in public this coming October of 2007. I will also include your site to my technorati favorites. So all in all, you will have 3 referring links, a permanent link and a fave my site in technorati. Isn’t that sweet?

So what are you waiting for? Review me now!

Comments, suggestions and violent reactions are welcome.

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