Yes. I did it again! I changed my theme for the fourth time now. The previous theme that I had is very dark and I thought that it will do better in terms of monetizing the site using adsense, but it did not. For two weeks, I tried to look for a good theme that reflects the color combination that I had with Alexified theme and Heliosgreen.

Thanks to PimpWordpress! I was able to download the Vestique theme made by and judging from the layout and overall readability, I think I’m gonna stick with this one for good (I hope so). I have included a Featured Video on the sidebar because I’m kinda addicted right now to youtube after switching my ISP to Globe Broadband. And yes! you heard it right, I am spending most of my time now listening and watching Marie Digby (she’s very talented and beautiful, check her out!), BoyceAvenue and HappySlip videos and what a time consumer it has been. I haven’t realized that I miss a lot of post already.

Anyway, part of changing the theme is changing the niche as well. I had a good time sharing my business endeavors but I think it will be best delivered if I am a successful entrepreneur already and quitting my day night job. Tech Hub just pops out of my mind and I don’t have any clue yet if I’ll stick with gadgets post and all that, but for the meantime I’ll keep it as it is. That’s all for now. Till my next post. icon wink Quickie Post