No, not me. It’s my brother Richard. He is off to Dubai now and will be out of the country for maybe at least a year or two. I know how tough it will be for him, he’s our “bunso” in the family and yet he still decided to go out and look for a greener pasture even if he doesn’t really need one. Good luck bro!

Well, I know that his earning will be far much better compare to what he is getting from some call centers here in the Philippines (I know you’ve exhausted all of them here and that’s why you’re trying your luck out there! hehehe joke!) kidding aside, Now that you’re on your own just make this trip or should I say working experience as worthy as it can be.

Work to LEARN NOT to EARN. Use the knowledge from this ordeal to be a much better person /entrepreneur/businessman here in the Philippines. I bet you don’t want to be an employee all your life, so better prepare for your future and think ahead, Ok? But all in all, we admire you for showing us your sheer determination and courage, that really means something for us. You rock!

Anyway, in behalf of our family (Dad, Mom, Len, Carlo, KJ, Luis, Mitch, Yuwon and Me), we’ll miss you so much and we all pray for your good health. Good luck, more power and God bless!