Oh no! I missed my first post for October. I hardly noticed that September is about to end. I’ve been busy lately doin some research on SEO’s (search engine optimization) and driving much more traffic on this site. Anyway, hmm what do we have in store for October?

Let me start first by saying that the start of my blog’s 2nd quarter is a success in terms of blog monetization, traffic, subscription and alexa rankings. All of them are burning like hell (sorry for the term). At the start of this new month again are new set of challenges and I’m aiming for continuous improvement on the goals that I set last September 2, 2007.

What to expect this month?

  1. A peek on small businesses here and abroad and see how they are doing.
  2. List of Franchising available both international and local.
  3. Success stories – From Rags to Riches
  4. More money making scheme online – better watch out
  5. Work at home opportunities – for those who wants to work in pajamas (like me)
  6. Tips on starting your own money making machine/business
  7. More of Passive Incomes
  8. Review on books – Colayco’s Wealth Within your Reach and Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  9. Hoping to get Interviews from known bloggers and have their insights about making money online.
  10. Free wares, wee!
  11. Tips and Tweaks for Computers – trying to be a geek
  12. Sponsored post from Payperpost – I know guys you don’t like it but c’mon we need some greens here
  13. Thinking about some contest, free domains anyone?
  14. and a lot more….

Wow, it seems that I have a lot of things to do and I started late, my bad. So, there you have it. If you want to add something just leave a comment or send me an e-mail and for those who are new here, you first time visitors! you’re at the right place. I urge you to subscribe because a lot of exciting things will be happening this Octoberfest.


Another update for Pacquiao’s bout will be posted in the next few days.