September, Christmas is just around the corner. Just imagine how time flies by and you know what? It has been three months now since we first started blogging, three grueling months. I said that because it’s really not that easy. Having a commitment to post on your site requires a lot of discipline and of course you need to have online socialization in the web in which requires a lot of your time.

No, this is not true !

The first time I heard what blogging is I said that it wasn’t for me.

I’m a no fan of writing, reading and conversing in plain English. It is one of my worst nightmare way back in high school and college days. I just can’t imagine now that I am working in a call center, writing a blog and reading other blogs as well. Isn’t that ironic?

I’m not that good yet but through these situations that I am in, I just hope that I will learn more and continually improve for the better.

Updates so far

Our blog has 30 post and 14 categories spread over three months.

Blog monetization wise, not that much yet but we’re getting there. At first it was very disappointing to see that your adsense is not showing some numbers on it’s first and second month. It can totally bring you down so I decided not to look at it. On the third month, it came to me by surprise that a single post alone can give you cash flows. Don’t get me wrong here, no checks yet! I just want to tell you how powerful internet is. The passion now to succeed online is what fuels me to continue blogging. I even bought a new domain for my wife and once again, Thank You for sponsoring it!

I’ll later post what my online earnings are so I recommend to subscribe to my feeds to keep you updated.

As far as our businesses are concerned, I can say that they are doing good. Our internet cafe earnings is stable and the food franchise is showing significant improvements. We almost have our investment back on our internet cafe and now it is payback time! It was such a great experience and we look forward to keep it for the next three to five more years and hoping we can branch out to multiply our earnings. I’ll keep posting business opportunities as well to my fellow kababayans so that we can learn and join hands in achieving financial independence. Financial report to follow soon, so subscribe now!

My interest on freewares, tips and tweaks on the web will have the same post frequency. If you have some suggestions or anything that you would like be posted here, just drop me a comment. I’ll stick to my vision of making this site as informative as it can be.

The Targets

It is extremely important to have an eye on what you really want to happen. This will be the exact measure of your success. Having targets pushes you to do more, and that’s why setting goals are important.
Here are some of my goals in the next three months.

  • Increase Feed/RSS subscriptions
  • Increase Blog earnings
  • Improve Alexa rankings
  • Gain more traffic
  • Improve writing skills – a must
  • Have my own mybloglog community

For the Readers

I really appreciate the time that you have given to my humble site. And for the first time visitors, I’m looking forward to have you back here and rest assured I’ll strive to do more to give you valuable information that you need. Thank You!