Just sharing my third adsense earning from Google. It amounted to $282.51. Majority of the income came from nursingcrib.com when the Nursing Board Exam Results for December 2007 was released. If I only knew the trick that time to have a redirection to blogger, then I might get my highest adsense earning in a month. sayang!

Aside from Google Adsense, I also earned $42.72 from Kontera. Actually I was about to receive my first Kontera earnings, It’s just that I failed to submit the certification of Non-US activity form which is one requirement for Kontera for non-US based publishers. It was $157.06 in total and one good thing about this is that the payment can also be made through Paypal, unlike those check payments that they have before. Anyway, I’ll just have it posted here as soon as I received my payment. Here’s a screen shot of my kontera earnings last February.

I also got another $172.36 from my PPP’s, so sum it all, I got $497.59 last month, a near $500 earning, if February has it’s 30th day maybe I’ll hit that mark.

This March, I’ll be receiving my fourth adsense earning and I expect it now to be on a monthly basis base from the traffic that I am getting from all my blogs.

So there you go, if you want updates, then just go ahead and subscribe to my feeds. Enjoy your weekends and Happy blogging!