Last week, I finally got my second adsense earning and my first successful paypal withdrawal thru Banco De Oro (BDO). The adsense earning last January 2008 was only $116.48 but since I still have some remaining balance left from December last year ($92.96) it then amounted to $209.44. My paypal withdrawal from BDO amounted to Php 16,245.84. There was a Php 200.00 deduction and I still wonder where did it go through. I sent an e-mail to BDO but they don’t have a reply yet. Those earnings came from my previous PPP’s and direct advertising. gave me my first direct sponsored review as well as a link from Thank you guys for trusting

All in all the overall blog income for December 2007-January 2008 was $619.44, not bad for a 7-month old blog eh. This February I have surpassed my last month’s google adsense earning despite of having some hosting problems. So I guess, there is no reason at all not to start blogging. icon wink My Second Adsense Earning and My Paypal Withdrawal

Here are some of the screenshots.

paypal My Second Adsense Earning and My Paypal Withdrawal