Hello everybody! Welcome to the new yuwoncedric.com. Glad to be back here. I hope you like the new layout of this blog and hopefully I can keep this theme for good. Though most of us are busy with whatever things that we’re doing now, that shouldn’t be a reason at all for not to greet our love ones a holiday greetings. So here you go, to all of you guys and to my family belated Merry Christmas and have a prosperous New Year. Peace!

What now?

Looking back in the past 6 months, I just can’t believe all the minor achievements that this site has achieved. Monetization wise, traffic and site rankings and all these are happening on my very first attempt to blog. How sweet. Next year, I may change the things that I will be posting here. It won’t be that drastic like what you are thinking now but rather a more personal approach of my day to day experience in the web, business or work. Kinda boring huh? Could be, but I hope that the change will be for the betterment of this blog. I would like it to be as personal as it can be. We will also set new targets for next year and we’ll find out (in the next 6 months again) on how far did this blog go. That’s all for now. I’ll keep you guys posted. Enjoy your holidays!