I just got my first kontera check yesterday. All the while I thought that it will be sent through paypal since I already updated my payment informations. Even their support didn’t inform me nor verify that it will be sent through check, and that makes me clueless onto when will I get my first payment. All the email that came from them just points to the Kontera Payment Knowledge base that I have read about a couple of times already. Yeah I know that the Publisher center is still in beta but their e-mail support should have made a more accurate reports regarding the payment.

Anyway, the check amounted to $124 from September 2007 to February 2008. It took that long to reach the $100 threshold but it still worth the wait. Those time were the early stages of my first venture into blog. Hopefully as I try to optimize my sites for traffic, I’ll be a able to sustain a monthly $100 payout from kontera just like with adsense.

Next month, I’ll experiment on optimizing kontera and I’ll have all the details posted here. Here’s the picture of my check.

kontera%20check My First Kontera Payment