I just upgraded my MT DV base server to have an additional 256 MB of RAM, this upgrade will give me a 512 MB of dedicated memory. That cost’s me $77 in total and a recurring monthly charge of $40 a month + hosting fee. All in all, it’s gonna be a $82 hosting cost for my sites per month, whew!

I thought I won’t be needing an upgrade. After installing APC, I was able to get rid of my memory problems for probably about a week. Then came yesterday, the site stalls again and gave me numerous memory failures.

Early this morning, I did some little research about how much traffic, process etc. can a VPS server handle. A few email exchanges with MT’s tech support and some forum advise made me decide to go for an upgrade. I’m hoping that with these additional RAM, I’ll be able to have stability on my sites. Let’s see what will happen when the November 2008 Nursing Board Exam Results finally released to the public. I’m crossing my fingers.

If everything else still fails, I’ll probably redirect all those traffic to blogger.