Hello guys! This is my first post using Ubuntu OS. I spent almost my whole day learning what Ubuntu is and the variations it has. At first I was hesitant to try Ubuntu when I got the disc last week, worrying that my files from Windows XP will be wiped out and completely unrecoverable. But then of course I have my back-up, it’s just that I don’t want to re do again all the installations and updates that I have on my XP machine. Nevertheless I ran the ubuntu disc and see what’s inside of this OS.

My whole day

  • Just a brief story on what transpired this day. Early this morning I check my site, a new site that I bought yesterday and the one that I will be working on next year. This will be my third project. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been propagated yet so I just went on and install first the Ubuntu 7.1 (Gutsy Gibbon).
  • Installed Ubuntu 7.1 (Gutsy Gibbon) on my Windows XP’s partition. Yup, I installed it on the same partition.
  • It took 35 minutes to install Ubuntu. During installation, an option to import your desktop setting from XP can be set which I found very cool.
  • Dual booting is set automatically. No need to worry on how you can boot Windows XP back.

All my day was spent testing Ubuntu. It was a fun experience learning new things and all I can say is, I love this operating system. Although I haven’t check on what softwares will be applicable from my windows xp, I still find it much better. I like the way they animate the windows when you drag it, it’s uberly amazing. That is only of the features that I like with ubuntu. I’m looking forward to install more desktop effects in the next few days. Anyway, it’s midnight already and I’ll cut it here. For the meantime just enjoy reading this wiki regarding ubuntu, this will give you insight on what to expect with this Operating System. Good night!