bloggingidol270 Joined Blogging Idol 2Back to business, I mean from blogging.

After months of lay off without any updates (duh!, what happened?), I decided to start the month of November by joining this contest. The Blogging Idol 2.

What is Blogging Idol 2?

BI2 is a competition of blogs that has less than 2000 feed subscribers. The blogger who will make a significant gain in RSS/Feed readership in one month (november 1-30, 2008) will eventually win the competition with a whooping $4,000 worth of cash and prizes. Yeah!

At this point, that feeds over there at the top right hand corner of my blog stands at 881. Hopefully I still have the tactics on how I should be able to increase the feed numbers.

Wish me all the luck, Guys! and don’t forget to subscribe! icon smile Joined Blogging Idol 2