It’s nice to be back. This last two weeks of July was tough. First of, I had a fever that put me down for three days and wasn’t able to go to work and do updates on this blog as well. Second, at that time, I was informed by my colleague that there will be some major changes in our account and we have to undergo training for 13 days in preparation to our new support role, meaning no more surfing on duty icon sad The Importance of Goal Setting Third, We lost the keys of Our Internet Cafe and prompts us to change all the locks that we have in there, a very laborious stuff to do.

Anyway, training days are over. Here comes August. A new month, hoping that all those unpleasant experiences that I had in July would be taken away. I’ll just leave those things behind and focus to what I feel a very exciting month for us.


I must admit that there are times that I feel too bored to suit myself up to finish whatever things that I have started. But what have I learned this past few days is the importance of goal setting.

I am the type of person that usually thinks of what could be the things that I can put up just to be able to have some passive earnings. I can come up with some good ideas but it also ends there. The thing is the energy needed to sustain my enthusiasm usually fades away after a couple of days. This is usually the dilemma I’m facing.

What I did last weekend is an experiment. Even if I feel down and not too happy with the situation that I am in now, I tried to push myself to accomplish the plans that I laid out specifically for the weekend. It includes our sign-up for our second business venture, a blog in which I am very unfortunate because the lights went out when I was getting my momentum but still manged to have one and the registration of our car and having a non-professional driver’s license. Yes, I have now my license, actually my second license. (long story)

I was surprised when I did it all, it was such a great feeling. This could be simple enough but yet can be a start of something good. All it takes is mindset.

Focus, focus, focus

If you want to have a good life and spend most of your time with your family, then act now. You can never turn back the time. Just don’t loose hope and be not afraid of failures. Those are meant to be your guide to be able to succeed. Think about the benefits that you can get if you stay on track. No matter how and frustrating that can be, just be patient and everything will fall into places.

Pray hard, It really works

At times that you really know what to do. Just pray. Pray hard. He’s always there and will never leave you. You’ll be amazed of the wonders of what prayer can actually do.