Give me one, just one and this young blog of mine is on it’s way of breaking the 100 readers mark.

In the span of 25 days since I posted myBlog Update, I can say that hitting the 100 readers mark (almost) is such an accomplishment already. And for me this is something that I can brag about now hehehe.

Feed Count, 1!?

I started September with a focused mindset and laid out all my goals for the next three months. Increasing the number of feeds is my top priority. After averaging at least 10 good feeds last month, I became very disappointed to see that the number of feed tumbled all the way down and hit the bottom of the deck.  Feed your feeds: Breaking 100 readers, AlmostAll that is left is a sole subscriber at the start of the month, what a shame. This can be very frustrating to those who are new to blogging and trying to inch it’s way up. So what I did is, I let my first day of September pass and immediately work on my goals the day after.

On the first week, I researched on how can I possibly increase my subscriptions and luckily I found a wordpress plugin that acts as a reminder for the first time visitors of my blog (you can see it in action on top of this post). I went on and installed the plugin and tried it for several days, and guess what? Feeds are starting to pile up again. Yeba!

Where did it came from?

Many of my feeds can be attributed to the post Watch Pacquiao VS. Barrera LIVE! for FREE? in which you can say that it is way off from the niche that I am starting in. I don’t care, and I’m not that worried to lose them after Manny’s bout, well hopefully not. The thing about this is I am about to face once again a tougher task and that is retaining my subscribers. The key that I see here is how you can send a very interesting topic related to your niche, and how you can effectively deliver it to your readers. I guess I have to find it out in the next few weeks. Also you may consider reading Mr. Laplana’s post regarding his feed subscription, he also detailed why not to be worried about losing you feeds.

Lessons Learned

Don’t let your disappointment to turn you down instead use it as your driver to reach for your goals. Continued learning is all I can suggest. Nothing in this world can be achieved without hard work and sheer determination. Just continue on whatever things that you are doing and believe in yourself that everything is possible with HIM on your side.

Suggestions and comments are very much appreciated.