I’ved started last week putting up my first blog/web site. I am so fired up to post my first blog entry as random thoughts hover my mind. “I can make it published in no day at all” talking to myself with a smirking smile. I immediately start and look for a free webhosting company, luckily I got one right away.

Sitting beside me is my co-worker. She is my tutor as well. I owe everything that I know about wordpress to her. I was able to grasp the basics of PHP and CSS with her help.

Getting Started. It was my restday and I have at least a day to finish my site. ehhemmm. Well after 8 hours of sitting in front of my computer, I accomplished nothing. icon neutral Exhausting! I thought it was easy, I really thought it was. It cost me time looking for a template alone. Aside from that, a lot of problem rose such as my database being corrupted, uploading theme that is not widget-ready and looking for another free webhosting site. whew! I recalled what I have said, I just took a deep breathe and shook my head in frustration.

After one week of grueling experience, I am now learning this step by step. HOPEFULLY with my new template and free web hosting service, Now I have the chance to have my site published in two weeks. Wish me luck icon biggrin Exhausting!