One reader of this blog sent me an e-mail regarding the incident that had happened to her daughter last October 10, 2007 after applying for an entrance examination for nursing. He asked me if it is ok to have his e-mail posted on this blog to get the insights of his fellow readers. This one caught my attention and took sometime to ponder whether if it is fitting enough to publish.

After a few deliberation and talks to my wife and friends, I have decided to make this e-mail available to public. I agree that there are certain requirements needed for a specific course to produce quality professionals, but on this matter isn’t it just right to an individual to be accepted in the course if the only issue that was being raised is WEIGHT?

Read the e-mail below.

Oct.10,2007 my 16 year old daughter went to San Juan de Dios Hospital to take the entrance exam for nursing. As part of the process, she was interviewed by somebody who was obviously in charge of processing the student applicants. She was told outright that she could not be accepted because she is overweight and that if she really wanted to study there she could go back January 2008 if she can lose weight. Imagine the trauma of my daughter. She was quiet on the way home. The tears just kept falling.

San Juan de Dios Hospital is supposedly run by nuns. Just because my daughter is overweight, she can not be a good nurse? We have always been taught as catholics, that we were made in the image and likeness of God. Is she not a daughter of God because she’s overweight? Isn’t this discrimination? In the country where she was born? The thrust of the government is education for each and every Filipino…what has my daughter done to deserve this kind of treatment. And she is not even overly fat since she is 5 feet 2 inches tall at 160 lbs. Can you imagine if she’s more than 200 lbs.

I already sent a letter to CHED and they referred me to their legal department. To date, no action has been taken. I’m still waiting. I am not telling you this because I want my daughter to take up nursing at the San Juan de Dios Hospital. I don’t want her to study there anymore. I do not want her near people who do not know how to treat people like human beings. I just want to warn other parents who are considering San Juan de Dios Hospital as a school that can mold their children with the right values. I don’t want other children to experience the trauma that my daughter went through because she is overweight. – Kit

As of this time, no actions has been taken yet by CHED nor hear the side of San Juan de Dios Hospital. I hope the school and CHED will clarify the said issue for the benefit of those parents (like me) who wants their children to have a bright future through education.