modem blinking Crappy Internet Connection? Know Your RightsHave you experienced not having an internet connection when you’re used to have it everyday? It feels like the end of the world isn’t? Kidding aside, It really sucks if you are being deprived of the service that you are paying for and specially if you’re using it to fuel your business.This happened to me recently. No internet connection for almost three weeks. Why? well let’s just say some unavoidable circumstances happened. Like natural calamities such as storm and one freakin’ guy who stole the telephone line cables in the midst of that storm.

Anyway, I didn’t bother my ISP’s technical support department because I am aware that they might be on the process of restoring all the services back after the weather. I gave them at least 10 to 12 days. Then it really became unacceptable when I was nearing the three week mark of not hearing anything and not getting any service at all from my ISP. I became really upset and decided to contact their customer support.

I asked them if there are any on-going process of restoring the service back in my area. And you know what? The agent bluntly answered “NO, as far as your area is concerned, everything was fine. The last reported trouble was on April of 2007 “. I said, “eh say WHAT now?” That instance really made me furious. I asked for the supervisor and requested to have my service up and running on that same day. But to my dismay, It didn’t happened. We spent 4 days on the phone talking to different agents, talking to different supervisors as well as technician and stating the same issue over and over again.

After almost 5 days of what they call TROUBLESHOOTING, because apparently they do not know where the problem is and it seems that I am the only one having some issue with, I requested just to change my bandwidth even it would cost less speed and I told the supervisor that I will cancel the service within 2 days if they can’t fix it in a definite time.

Well guess what? They have me up and running after that phone conversation with the 10th supervisor and as a bonus, or consuelo as they say here, my bandwidth tripled. From 512Kbps, now I am having 1.5Mbps. I know for sure that they will revert the connection back to my current plan but for the meantime I’ll just enjoy the speed and the rebate that I will get from not having an internet connection. Bottom line is “If it is not fair, then speak up!”