This is actually a very late post. I don’t want to write anymore the whole story since I have a record of my chat with Brent, a BlueHost chat support representative. For this matter, it seems Bluehost is very quick on suspending an account if it happens to have a surge of traffic. I didn’t have any other choice but to move my hosting. If you want to know what happen then read on…

Brent [12:48:12 PM]:
Welcome to our real-time support chat. I take a number of chats at a
time, so there might be a slight delay in my responses. May I have your
domain name and the password for your account please?
deric [12:48:12 PM]: hello? why am i getting a suspended page for my site?
Brent [12:48:30 PM]: and the password for your account please?
deric [12:48:31 PM]: as well as and
[12:48:41 PM]: **************
[12:50:55 PM]: hello?
Brent [12:51:40 PM]: I take a number of chats at a time, so there might be a slight delay in my responses
[12:53:28 PM]:
it seems that your mysql databases are overloading the cpu. They will
require you to optimize your scripts and queries in order to have your
account restored
deric [12:53:48 PM]: how?
[12:54:13 PM]: will it be restored in the next 5 mins?
[12:54:30 PM]: cpanel is deactivated as well
Brent [12:54:57 PM]:
It will not. you need to make those changes in order to get it
restored. This guide should help. I am working on getting your cpanel
access restored
deric [12:55:22 PM]: its not about quota
[12:55:33 PM]: this is what i am getting
[12:55:35 PM]: This Account Has Been Suspended
Please contact the support department as soon as possible, and please have your site name ready.
[12:55:41 PM]: and i checked cpanel
[12:55:51 PM]: it says there that cpanel is deactivated
Brent [12:56:19 PM]: you have cpanel now
deric [12:56:45 PM]: now
[12:56:49 PM]: this is what i am getting
[12:56:50 PM]: This Domain ( Has Been Disabled
For information on restoring your account please call customer service as soon as possible

When/If you call our support help line, please have your site name ready.

Brent [12:57:02 PM]: when you try and log into cpanel?
deric [12:57:29 PM]: i was able to
Brent [12:58:04 PM]:
ok, now according to our abuse department you will not have to make
those changes. They are requiring you to find a new host. You can
backup your account information, but they will not restore your account.
deric [12:58:09 PM]: i dnt know what to do here
[12:58:25 PM]: what???????
[12:58:29 PM]: for what reason
[12:58:37 PM]: and what abuse>
[12:59:13 PM]: i have not done anything wrong
[12:59:48 PM]: can you please explain this to me?
Brent [1:00:00 PM]: for the overloading of the mysql databases on a consistent basis
deric [1:00:21 PM]: I cant believe it
[1:00:33 PM]: how I was able to overload the mysql
Brent [1:00:37 PM]: Sorry, but this is the information I was just provided
deric [1:00:51 PM]: can you give me like a grace peroid for this?
[1:01:07 PM]: and have a time to check on my account?
Brent [1:01:08 PM]: you have 2 weeks to remove your files
deric [1:01:25 PM]: no, i mean have the site up
Brent [1:02:10 PM]: They will not restore the site
deric [1:02:31 PM]: when did the overload happen?
[1:02:41 PM]: i am not fully aware of this
Brent [1:03:19 PM]:
they are not giving me that information. But I am showing a number of
your mysql queries noted on your account, and they are taking a VERY
unreasonable amount of time to execute.
deric [1:03:49 PM]: andwhos site is giving that problem?
[1:03:55 PM]:
Brent [1:04:36 PM]: the worst of them is 9274.971607 – CPU – 76183561 ROWS EXAMINED – servomec_wrdp2 USERNAME
[1:04:53 PM]: 9274.971607 is the number of cpu seconds that database query took.
[1:04:56 PM]: that is insane
deric [1:05:03 PM]: ok
Brent [1:05:05 PM]: I have never seen oen so high
[1:05:08 PM]: one*
deric [1:05:10 PM]: would you know what table?
[1:05:21 PM]: so i have an idea?
Brent [1:05:35 PM]: It’s not giving me that information, I’m sorry
deric [1:05:47 PM]: and you’re terminating my account now?
Brent [1:06:16 PM]: they already have. you have 2 weeks until everything is erased
deric [1:06:36 PM]: goodness
[1:06:40 PM]: icant believe this
[1:06:47 PM]: is my ftp working?
Brent [1:06:54 PM]: it should be
deric [1:07:06 PM]: how can i get back to you?
[1:07:11 PM]: i need to restart firefox
Brent [1:07:57 PM]:
um, I can keep an eye out for you, or if you get someone else you can
request to be transferred back to me, but I’m not sure how else I can
be of assistance on this….
deric [1:08:23 PM]: ok
[1:08:25 PM]: ill be back
After a few minutes….
Brent [1:13:41 PM]:
Welcome to our real-time support chat. I take a number of chats at a
time, so there might be a slight delay in my responses. May I have your
domain name and the password for your account please?
derek [1:13:41 PM]: Hello! can I ask for brent again
Brent [1:13:54 PM]: icon biggrin Bluehost Suspended My Account
[1:13:59 PM]: how can I help?
derek [1:15:50 PM]: brent
Brent [1:15:58 PM]: Yep
derek [1:15:59 PM]: just one more
Brent [1:16:02 PM]: k
derek [1:16:12 PM]: is there anything else that i can do to have the site restored
[1:16:59 PM]: pls
Brent [1:17:09 PM]: not according to the guy I talked to in abuse
derek [1:17:29 PM]: i got this without warning
[1:17:36 PM]: how can that be of fair justice
Brent [1:17:58 PM]: I understand, but they can shut down your site in order to preserve service capabilities for our other customers
derek [1:18:29 PM]: i know, and who is to suffer?
[1:18:41 PM]: i signed up for bluehost before
[1:18:49 PM]: because of your trusted service
Brent [1:18:52 PM]: Well, in this case, they are protecting the other customers on your server
derek [1:18:58 PM]: i cant believe this is happening to me
Brent [1:20:50 PM]: I understand how you feel, but you have to realize that we have to act in the best interests of all of our customers.
derek [1:21:22 PM]: can you just have it up for at least 8 hrs
[1:21:27 PM]: that will be enough for me
[1:21:32 PM]: then shut it down
[1:21:41 PM]: thats all that i need
Brent [1:21:44 PM]: I’m not understanding why? you have full access to your files
derek [1:22:01 PM]: because im talking to somebody on our chatroom
[1:22:08 PM]: and it is very important
Brent [1:22:19 PM]: They’re not going to restore it for that.
derek [1:22:45 PM]: if you say that it is taking that long for the mysql
[1:22:52 PM]: you mean it happens all the time?
[1:23:01 PM]: or on this time frame alone?
Brent [1:23:07 PM]: according to the log files, yes
[1:23:15 PM]: on a repeat basis
derek [1:24:03 PM]: when did it started
Brent [1:25:04 PM]: 7-23-2008
derek [1:26:47 PM]: what does it mean? does it says that i need a VPS?
[1:26:59 PM]: i really dont know abot mysql
Brent [1:27:53 PM]:
it says that you need a different host. The queries are taking a
significantly long time to resolve, so it overloads the cpu on the
server, and it has been doing it repeatedly. Basically it is something
with how the script is written
derek [1:28:29 PM]: where can I see it on the cpanel?
Brent [1:29:21 PM]: in the cpu exceeded logs, and in the mysql slow queries log, both are located in the TMP folder in the home directory
[1:30:49 PM]: Did you find them?
derek [1:30:52 PM]: whew
Brent [1:31:09 PM]: yea, that was kinda their response
derek [1:31:13 PM]: could you tell what scipt is that?
Brent [1:31:25 PM]: I don’t have any way of knowing
[1:31:37 PM]: it is just the database
[1:31:50 PM]: it would require an extensive search, and I do nto have the toold
[1:31:53 PM]: tools*
derek [1:32:52 PM]: so nothing else that i can do to save my account
Brent [1:33:04 PM]: according to Abuse, no. I’m very sorry
derek [1:33:11 PM]: thanks brent
Media Temple here I come….