First of, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our Pambansang Kamao Manny Pacquiao for winning unanimously over baby face assassin Marco Antonio Barrera. I know that this came a bit late, but if you’re a follower of my site you know what happened. Anyway, you did a very good job Manny and once again you made us Filipinos proud. Kudos to you Manny! Let’s have Marquez now he he he.

Manny scored a KO, The Real Manny Pacquiao Effect

Yes, you thought that it was a unanimous decision? Nope, it was not. Manny Pacquiao KO’d my website on October 7, 2007 from 7:00AM up to October 8, 2007 9:00AM that triggers a lot of fuming e-mail from our kababayans who are expecting to have the links for the fight of Pacquiao Vs. Barrera on Sopcast. Let me explain my side on this. I know, I know each and every Filipino would like to see the fight night FREE, without commercial breaks and in the comfort of their home. Last September 22, 2007 on my Manny Pacquiao Update, I said that I am closing the e-mail subscription for Manny’s fight because I feel that those 40 person who subscribed first are enough to have a good feed from Sopcast without having much congestion on the server. I did what I promised and I e-mailed those 40 subscribers one hour before the fight. They were able to catch it LIVE.

On that same date, the roster is final and the next list of subscription is no longer a guarantee, as a result I made an update that Subscribers who are unlucky enough to catch the fight LIVE, they may consider it hearing on the radio. However, as the boxing event nears, I have seen a huge amount of traffic being redirected on my site requesting for a LIVE feed (I don’t know that I have to inform my hosting company about this).


 A Series Of Unfortunate Events

 A Series Of Unfortunate EventsA surge in traffic resulted to have a thousand of E-mail subscription and there is no way that I can collate all of them on that time. That prompted me to gather more links and more resources for the benefit of late comers. After having a couple of additional links, I have then decided to make a draft to be published by October 7, 2007 at 10AM that the links will be available on my website. It’s up to the readers who will be able to connect first.

The Shutdown

 A Series Of Unfortunate Events

The draft for the advisory is almost done when the problem started to happen. I didn’t expect that in those crucial moments, the site is nearing it’s impending shut down. After I push the publish button I got the error “SERVER TIMED OUT”. I disregard it for a while coz things like that usually happens. But when I checked that stats, I have seen the traffic shoots up to 800% excluding the hits that it was supposed to generate on that day itself. The surge triggers me to act quickly to publish the draft right away. But no matter how hard I tried, I keep on getting server timed out over and over again. So instead of collating all 1,114 e-mails, I contacted my web hosting provider to check my site. It was so bad that their technical support is not available on a Sunday. As a result, I end up waiting in misery for their e-mail.

While waiting for my hosts reply, I also tried to manually copy all those emails and group them accordingly so that google will not tagged my account as a spammer. I tried and I tried, but the time is not on my side anymore. It was so damn frustrating and I feel sorry for it.


To my fellow kababayan, please accept my apology for not meeting all your expectations, this incident is somewhat unexpected and unintentional. I know how you love Manny so much and my intention of sharing the benefits of P2P is very clear. I promised that unfortunate events like this will never happen again. Also in the near future, instead of relying to those mirror links that I have before, I am now aiming to have my own web stream on my site. Yes, no more subscriptions, no more worries and no more hassles. Just visit the site and you’re ON. This is the only way that I’ll be able to redeem myself to all those short comings. To the lucky 40, I hope you’ve enjoyed the fight. I am looking forward to have a very good community out of you guys. For the meantime, now that the site is up once again, I’ll continue posting the said line-up for October. I’ll appreciate every comment, suggestions and violent reaction on this matter. Until then.

To my web host, I am really sorry for all the inconvenience that the site have caused you.

Thank you very much to, and for all the suggestions, I really appreciate it.