Do you have an experience with your phone or cellphone provider about having an unexplained call transaction on your bill? This was normally referred to as a “Line Hacking”.

And that’s my main reason why I quit using a post-paid plan.

It’s a good thing that there were call providers that offers prepaid card that let’s you call domestically and internationally and saves you as much as 80%. I tried to make a quick search about calling a cellphone in Israel. Typically I spend Php 200 per 10 minute call, but with the calling cards that has, it will only cost you Php 40 with the same amount of minute. That’s an automatic Php 160 savings. Wow! What a savings isn’t it?

One more thing that I like about this phone cards is that they deliver it instantly on your e-mail. No more hassles of looking for an outlet just to get your phone card. Just login to your e-mail and start calling.

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 Quit using Post Paid Cellular Plan!