Photoshop and Gimp are just two powerful software application capable of making outstanding pictures and fantastic image manipulation. I have those two application installed in my computer. Photoshop was on my Windows XP Partition and Gimp was on my Linux Mint drive. I am relatively new to designing specially Logo Design. My first attempt of making a logo was on my nursing site, it was made using Photoshop. Since I don’t have any knowledge and experience yet in Photoshop, it took me several hours just to finish a very simple desing. Thanks to google, basic tutorials from various website helped me a lot.

On the other hand, Gimp acts like Photoshop though I haven’t tried making a project on it. I realized that if you really don’t have the talent and of course the time needed to learn and understand these software then you’re bound to fail. I still have several websites that I would like to put up but I can’t start them all since I want to make a good logo out of it. Thank God, I found a solution to my problem. offers an exciting software package for all logo needs. I checked the site and the samples that was made were awesome. And that’s not all, making a logo is fast, simple and easy to learn. No more time consuming tutorials and i would only cost you $29.95! What a big savings compare to Photoshop. See for yourself.