I think so. Having an Insurance for me is like securing your family’s future. We can never tell what will happen next, only God knows what lies ahead of us. Life Insurance is a must for the head of the family specially if the job involve is very risky. Since I work at night as a Tech Support agent, I have been contemplating lately of signing-up to one of my mother’s friend that offers life insurance, but I just can’t find a time to meet her up.

Aside from getting the life insurance, they also have a package for Home Insurance and Car Insurance in which I believe is perfect for us now. I wasn’t able to get the details yet of the two insurances but one thing I know for sure is that, If I get the entire package, the premium that I will pay monthly will be much lesser compare to having one insurance at a time. Me and my wife already agreed with it and hopefully next year these insurances will be on our budget.

Now if you’re just interested on a car insurance, I found this site that let’s you compare car insurance.