Building an online shopping store is actually one of my next priority to one of niche sites. The trend that I see for online purchases is significantly growing for the past couple of years. That is why I have been thinking lately to make a my own version of an online store but the path seems to be unclear ‘coz I can’t figure out when is the right time and how to start it with less mistake.

Good thing though that I found this article about shopping cart software, a very effective read to gauge on how you can efficiently venture to the growing numbers of people who would like to setup an online store.

They discuss the common mistake of first time online entrepreneur, the effectivity of constant customer communication, the benefits of having a trained customer service personnel and how honesty can make an impact to your online earnings.

All in all, it’s a very good read and highly recommended. For those people who are seeking to make an empire online through shopping carts. That article is a very good start indeed.