Do you? I do. Why? Let me just layout some of the advantages why insurance is so important.

If you were to die, could your family or dependents pay for your funeral, organize the financial affairs, service pre-existing debt and continue their current standard of living without you? This is why life insurance is important.

In a car accident with two other cars and it was determined that the accident was your fault, could you go to a car showroom and buy yourself a new car, pay for repair or replacement of the other two cars and pay for the medical bills of the other drivers and their passengers? This is why motor insurance is important.

If you were to be seriously injured could you pay for your hospital costs, the ongoing treatment, pay the living costs for you and your family until you are fully recovered, if you are fully recovered?. This is why Total Permanent Disability insurance is important.

If you are injured and are unable to continue working, will you be able to service your debtors and maintain any standard of living? This is why you need income protection insurance.

These are just some of the reasons why insurance is important. So think about it. A cheap insurance is just around the corner.

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