The heat is On. De la Hoya versus Mayweather II sequel are close to finishing a deal for a rematch. Most boxing news said that it will be around September 13 or 20 and will be aired by HBO pay-per-view. The venue will be announced soon. I remember last spring on how this two great boxers break the box-office records and which was eventually won by Mayweather. Here’s an excerpt from ESPN.

“We are still discussing things but we have almost finalized it,” said Schaefer. “I think an announcement will be forthcoming. Floyd is agreeable to do the fight and so is Oscar. Now it’s just me working through everything.”

If in case that De La Hoya wins this rematch then the world will certainly wait for the much more exciting boxing trilogy. I hope that De La Hoya win this time. But in the event that Mayweather spoils De La Hoya’s bid for this fight then I believe that Oscar should hang up his gloves already and retire from boxing.

And as far as promotion is concern, I believe a lot of bloggers will have a post about this rematch to get a share of traffic and online revenues. On the business side, Oscar De La Hoya vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. tickets will be selling like hotcakes as they have already proved their worth in boxing.
 Dela Hoya Vs. Mayweather Ticket Sale!