Cars, cars cars. Every person here in earth would like to have their own cars someday. I have one now but it’s not as elegant as a New Cadillac Manchester NH in America. Cadillac is one of my dream car aside from Ferrari. Cadillac cars are known to be the cars of the elites. Do you ever wonder why they were the top choice of the Rich and Famous? I still don’t know but after a few googling here’s what I find out.

  • Cadillac has a well deserved reputation for reliability and durability as well as unparalleled comfort.
  • They have been manufacturing cars since 1903.
  • They aim for both speed and safety.
  • Cadillac became the first American automobile manufacturer to win the coveted Dewar Trophy for the standardization of automobile parts.

And there were a lot more. It’s in my list of my “want to drive” cars. It was disappointing to see that there were only few Cadillac cars that are roaming here in the Philippines. That’s why if you happen to see a rare Cadillac car running through the streets, you just cant help but be amazed of it’s elegance and beauty. It is totally a head turner.