printer logo Business 101For young entrepreneurs like me, it is advisable to buy a franchise or an established business instead of starting a new one. The time and effort you are going to consume in establishing a new business is incomparable to the money you are about to spend in buying a franchise or an existing business. It takes so much effort to build a business considering the trials and error that you have to undergo before coming up with a product and a system.

In terms of buying an established business, it will be beneficial for us to inherit the infrastructure that the previous owner has already been established. This includes the customers, suppliers, employees, equipment and the system that makes the business run efficiently. In addition, the cash flow most likely will start immediately, rather than in an unknown time frame when starting a brand new business. Profitability is not in question as it would be in a startup.

In opening a franchise, you minimize risk and eliminate long roads to success. They will provide all the necessary materials for your operations. All you have to do is learn the entire process and you are ready to start.

Finally, since a franchise or existing business for sale already has a good foundation, you can focus much of your efforts on building and expanding the business. As you become more familiar with your customers’ needs and wants, you will have opportunities to add enhancements and improvements, therefore increasing your chances of higher profitability much sooner than you would in a startup business. There are thousands of businesses for sale and franchises out there right now and they are very easy to find. At you can browse through many great businesses for sale and franchises and also learn about the entire process of buying and how to sell a business.