Affiliate marketing is yet another opportunity for webmasters or blogger to earn money online. I just learned about affiliate marketing probably 6 months ago. I just started my first website using my own domain from scratch. So you can imagine all the basic things that I need to know before understanding what affiliate marketing is.

From my understanding, affiliate marketing is like promoting a particular product or services of a merchant. In return, if you make a sale, a commission will be given to you. The trend will continue as long as you are able to make sales. So this is a guaranteed long term source of income. But that’s not as easy as 1-2-3. You have to be credible enough to have a continuous flow of income and repeat orders. This is the tie that you will truly appreciate the benefits of affiliate marketing.

If you want to try affiliate marketing, I would recommend
Clickbooth Affiliate Network. Why? Some affiliate marketers sends you their own banners and links to be given away for your target market, and you’re not allowed to change anything on it. But with Click booth, you’re free to customized your own banners and submit it to them for approval. The benefit of having a customized banner is to be more personal to your readers if you’re running a blog. If they see you on the logo and you’ve built a good reputation in the web, then the beauty of this affiliate marketing comes in.