Yup. That’s right. TLA or Text-Link Ads is now joining the bandwagon of CPC ads through Shoppingads.com, just like Widgetbucks!

What is Shoppingads?

ShoppingAds is a cost per click ad product powered by the major shopping comparison sites. SA allows you to display relevant merchant offers in the form of an image and a text description to your audience and every time a visitor clicks on the ad, you get paid. ShoppingAds is compliant with Adsense and all other ad networks so there is no reason not to start making more money today.

Shoppingads.com is currently running on a private beta. Meaning for you to sign-up and test the program, you will need an invitation code from TLA. So, if you are a current publisher of Text-Link-Ads, you may want to check your e-mail (spam folder) and see if you have an invite from shoppingads.com. You can see the ads in action at the top-right corner of my sidebar.